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Transform Your Garage with these Paint Ideas!

To achieve the best results in your home renovation or makeover, you do rely on the right paint colours. This is true for even the paint you choose for your garage. By using cool garage paint ideas, you can make the upgrades to the garage’s exterior and interior stand out, making the overall look of the house stand out. As specialists for all kinds of residential and commercial paint jobs, we know how you can transform your garage to make it look good with the paint work done to the rest of your house.

A home appearance that is inviting will also boost the resale value of your house. So what type of paint will be best for your garage? Here are four ideas for garage paint to get you started. Contact us on 1800 772 774.

#1. Have Garage Paint Ideas that Complements Each Other

Garage makeover can vary in scale. It might be a small garage door replacement or it might be a complete overhaul of the entire garage space. You might be wanting to add things like a new floor, slatwall panels, new garage door, storage racks and even garage storage cabinets. So, the paint you’ll choose will need to welcome all these new additions to the garage, It might be that you’ll have to look at a variety of different colour combinations just within the interior of the garage. You will then also have to consider how it will look with your home’s exterior.

#2. Use a Little Bit of Creativity

You can think of getting more creative if you’re really after a cohesive and unique look. We sometimes recommend our clients to pick a garage colour that will complement the colour of your vehicle(s). You can think of using pops of colour to make the entire garage space more inviting. Think of adding some personality by using bold colours for the garage cabinets. You can consider adding a brighter shade for the interior door of the garage that leads into your home. To better tie the room together, you can use colours from the accents in the garage floor coating.

#3. Paint Ideas for the Walls and Ceilings

Ceiling and garage wall colours can have a strong impact on the garage space’s lighting conditions. This can be an important factor for an area that will be used to park your cars and you will end up regularly searching for items or using tools to do any repair work. Using a lighter colour paint for the walls will reflect more light, making it brighter. On the flip side, a lighter shade does show dirt and grease much more than a darker shade. Perhaps you can look at using semi-gloss paints as they make direct less evident and are also easier to clean.

#4. Choose the Right Floor Colour

Just as with the walls, you will need to get the right colour for the floor. If you paint the garage floor with a latex, masonry or epoxy paint, it will be a low-cost option. However, this option will not be a long-term solution and you might have to look for a more durable alternative. Another thing you can do is use PVC floor tiles. These are non-adhesive interlocking tiles that can be installed easily and are usually available in a variety of designs and colours.

I hope these ideas help you better plan your next garage renovation work. Feel free to contact us for a free colour consultation.

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