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Paint Colours That Will Increase Your Home Value Forever

Colour is everything. From aesthetic appreciation all the way through to relieving stress, colour has a major impact on the subtleties of our home. A lot of homeowners, however, think that choosing the colours for their home is subjective. As such, choosing the right colours to increase the value of the home is not often taken into consideration as an objective goal. Here at Diamond Brothers Painting, we aim to provide a list of paint colours that will surely increase the value of your home over time. After all, the colours of your home should be more than just aesthetic appealing.

First Impressions Matter

A striking feature that homeowners should be focusing on is choosing the right colour for the front of their home. The first impression lies on the front door and the outer veneer of the house. Choosing color combinations can be tricky, depending on the style of home you own. For Queenslander style homes, Mocha chocolate combined with ocean and pale blues can give your home an inviting and fresh look. Deep sea, white and red can also be a great color combination for Queenslanders. For heritage style homes, a combination of ivory, white and aqua can evoke a sense of elegance and heritage.

Contrasting Colours for the Kitchen

The kitchen is a hub for family gathering and entertaining. Adding contrast when it comes to the colour scheme of your kitchen definitely gives off a state-of-the-art ambience that can wow potential buyers. Classic blue and gray is well suited to traditional style homes. Using tans and browns can give a warm and elegant vibe without being too “loud”.

Soft Paint Colours for the Bathroom

The bathroom is part of the home where you go to relax in the tub or take a nice hot shower after a long day. As such, adding a powder blue can give a nice nautical vibe and help promote a sense of calmness. Neutrals such as tans and white can also be a good choice, giving your bathroom a timeless look.

Neutral (But not too basic) Colours for the Living Room

Your living room is a place to unwind and relax. Green, the colour of renewal, can be a good choice for those who find neutral colors boring. It can help bring the feeling of the outside world into your living room. Gray is another great option for living rooms as it can increase the sense of space in a room.

Choose the Finest Painting Experts Near You

Choosing the right colours to increase the value of your home is one thing, relying on the best company to help you out is another. The application of such paint colours will not produce efficient results if it is not carried out by licensed & certified painting experts.

At Diamond Brothers Painting, we are QBCC Authorised, Dulux Accredited & A Proud Member of the Master Painter Association, rendering a much better capacity in giving the right paint colours for your home. Not only that, but we also offer a complete service. This means that from the initial assessment of your painting needs all the way through the completion process, our team of painting experts will be guiding you and responding to every request you have. All of our Brisbane & Gold Coast painting services are backed up with a 5 year workmanship guarantee. After all, we care about your painting needs as much as you do.

With our over 40 years combined experience in the painting industry, we have mastered the capacity to provide a wide variety of painting services in Brisbane & Gold Coast. From body corporate painting, lead abatement, to roof painting, expect a hassle-free painting project with us! To top it all off, we only use superior quality products for your residential or commercial needs.

If you’re in Brisbane or Gold Coast and looking for the best company for your painting needs, give us a call today on 1800 772 774 or ask for a free quote. We are looking forward to having you as our clients.

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