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Kids Room Painting Ideas

When it comes to kids room painting ideas, the possibilities are endless! Letting the imagination run wild is key – there’s no limit to the colour combinations, patterns, and wall murals you can use. With the help of Diamond Brothers Painting, we will transform your child’s bedroom so they can continue to dream, learn, and grow.

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Kids Room Painting Ideas

As your child grows, their taste will develop, along with their personality, and you’ll soon start to notice their likes and dislikes. Once they enter primary school and high school, they might like a say when it comes to some kids room painting ideas.


Today, we’re more aware of the psychology of colour than ever before. Because of this, we can take advantage of the information and use it to our kids’ benefit. Colour can have a powerful effect on how children feel and behave, so it is important to make wise choices when painting their bedrooms. Bright and vibrant colours help spark primary-age children’s creativity, while softer, pastel colours such as baby blues and soft yellows can help promote relaxation and soothing for newborns and toddlers. By choosing the right colours for kids rooms, you can set the tone and create a space where they can feel comfortable and express themselves. Let’s take a look at some kids room ideas.


Like bright colours, patterns encourage creativity and learning, fun and excitement, so parents can take liberty with their children’s bedroom walls. However, loud patterns may cause stimulation so you may want to pair them with softer colours that promote relaxation. Trust Diamond Brothers Painting, the leading painters of southeast Queensland, to transform dull walls into vibrant and eclectic patterns for your kid’s bedroom.

Two-toned walls

Whether your child’s bedroom is small or large, two-toned painted walls will have a significant impact on the room. For a kid’s bedroom that is compact and cosy, opt for two opposing colours that are light and in pastel shades. For example, butter yellow and fairy floss pink or sky blue and mint green. These colours for kids rooms will optically make the room look bigger rather than small and stuffy. Alternatively, if you want large kids’ rooms to look less vacuous and cosier, pair rich colours together, such as warm beiges and cool blue or sunset orange and cool green.

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Painted furniture

Walls are one place to start when you’re thinking about painting ideas for your kids’ room, but there’s no reason to stop there. You may consider painting furniture that’s starting to look dull. For example, if you have a crib for your baby’s room, consider painting it a soft lavender colour to encourage relaxation. Contrastingly, a primary school student’s bedroom may benefit from having their bedframe painted cherry red or royal blue. Alternatively, painting their desk or chair, toy box or trunk in a pop of colour will make all the difference.

Mural theme

One idea that will inspire adventure, curiosity and other-worldly wonder is by painting murals on your child’s bedroom walls. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate depiction of a famous figure or a beloved cartoon, rather you can take inspiration from nature and have a mountain range painted (using a series of zigzags marked out with tape) and use two-toned colours to distinguish the mountains. Alternatively, an ocean mural is just as easily achievable by a skilled team, and here your child can project a world of imagination onto the mural.

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