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How to Keep Your Painted Walls Clean

Dust and dirt on any wall will affect the lifespan of a new coat of paint, but it especially affects newly painted walls. Over time, general dirt can penetrate the paint and settle into the wall itself, leaving its imprint in the paint job regardless of how carefully you had cleaned prior to the painting process. Not only does this ruin aesthetic value, but it also reduces longevity and increases the chance that you’ll need to repaint earlier than expected. So how to keep your painted walls clean?

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How to keep your painted walls clean

No one wants a messy-looking wall or an early repainting project, so be sure to give your walls a thorough scrub down – in preparation for any type of painting project – as often as possible. Keeping your newly painted walls clean can be tricky, but with the right techniques, it can be far easier than you imagine. Here are some of our wall cleaning tips.

Warm, soapy water

If you’re wondering how to keep your painted walls clean when they get dirty? Well, for general household dirt, use warm soapy water and avoid using anything abrasive to scour the surfaces of your walls. This includes steel wool, hard scrubbing brushes and scouring pads too. Depending on the material used for your walls, such as plasterboard, VJ boards or concrete there are specific techniques and cleaning solutions that should be used in order to avoid damaging the surface.


Sometimes even walls gather dust, so it’s important to keep them clean, especially if you’ve invested a lot of money to get them newly painted. When you’re wondering how to keep your walls clean, using a vacuum is ideal. Not only does it help rid your house of dirt, dust, pet fur, and other particles that can settle on most surfaces like on walls, but it can also contribute to improved airflow and quality throughout a room. Vacuuming along baseboards, around exterior window frames and door hinges can help reduce the collection of airborne particles such as pollen, skin cells, and other debris that accumulates over time. Investing in a vacuum will not only save you considerable effort during regular cleaning sessions – it’s essential for optimal health for both you and your home and won’t damage VJ boards, plasterboards or concrete if used correctly.

Dust the walls

It’s important to stay on top of dusting your walls in order to avoid getting a build-up of dirt and grime. A soft duster or even a damp cloth is a great way to make sure the newly painted walls stay clean, preserving the finish and colour for as long as possible. After all, there is nothing worse than having newly painted walls covered in dust! Make sure you put aside some time each week to dust the walls, making it part of your regular house cleaning routine. Doing so will help maintain a hygienic environment while stopping any unnecessary wear and tear to the wall’s paint job.

Stubborn stains

If you have children and pets, your newly painted walls may be more prone to spills, smears and stains. So, when accidental spills happen, don’t let stubborn stains damage the beauty of your freshly painted walls. Instead, act quickly to clean up the stain and prevent it from setting into the paint surface. There are many methods for treating different types of staining; consider using items like vegetable oil, baking soda paste, bleach, or diluted ammonia to pre-treat affected areas before wiping it off with a Sponge. For tough job stains, make sure you use a rub-resistant scrub brush or a white cloth to gently agitate the area while adding cleaner until all traces of the stain have disappeared. After treating the stained area in this way effectively and repeating it a few times as necessary, you can finally keep your walls looking fresh for years to come!

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Residents and business owners should also bear in mind that no matter how much cleaning they do, or which solution is used, a poor interior paint job will result in peeling and cracking. To ensure a perfect finished product and prevent premature ageing of your paintwork, one of our wall cleaning tips is to enlist the services of professional painters such as Diamond Brothers Painting. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience which ensures we have the knowledge and skills to make your home beautiful.

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