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Nudgee Project



Approached by Trent from Ention Properties in regards to collecting Quotes for the painting works to be done on a House that would be raised & renovated in Nudgee.

From there we were passed onto Dion who was the Business Partner & was the “go to person” for the onsite job enquiries. (NOTE: Trent originates from Sydney, NSW. Due to Location, the offsite side of work that needed to be done was thru him & this was managed alongside Lu, Our “Diamond Sis”. Where Dion, Located in the Sunshine Coast, would be more available to be onsite when needed & majority of “meet & greets” that were done & managed alongside Danny “Diamond Brother“. 

We liaised with clients when Quoting, as accurate pricing could not be complete for all areas of painting works, so pricing was done for the scope of Job that was there at the time. (Note: Danny first came to quote the house just after it had been raised).

The plans of the renovation & details had been sent for us to view & go over in regards to what was to be added to quote etc. & from there Diamond Brothers Painting had won the Painting Contract of St. Vincents rd, Nudgee.

Project was first accepted for the Interior & Exterior Painting to be done, as the Terracotta roof originally was to stay as is, keeping the authenticism & Terracotta being delicate & easy to break etc. Having been later on asked to clean it up via wash down, to the exterior painting just about being complete, they had noticed it stood out too much for their liking & looking at it in a “Sales point of view”, decided to add the painting of the Terracotta Roof.

Before and after photo of the Nudgee Project | Featured Image for the Nudge Project Page by Diamond Brothers Painting.

“St Vincents rd, Nudgee was a boutique land development 20km NE of Brisbane. The development was the combination of land subdivision and the beautiful restoration of an old Queenslander bringing it back to its former glory” –Ention Properties

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exterior - during

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interior - before

interior - after

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